Today, we continued on with getting ready for Easter. With Soni, we were making rabbits hiding in the grass. With Amanda, we made eggs that were cracked and then chose what item we wanted coming out of it like a rabbit, chick, cow, or more chocolate eggs. Both of these activities are great for our fine motor skills. They also help with our focus and concentration skills as we are able to complete a multi step project!

We had a great time out in the yard today. “Dodge Ball” and “Kick the Can” are always frequent requests! We have also enjoyed being on the play equipment!

Amanda continued our interest in insects. She set up more insects on the table and we loved identifying the ones we knew.

We were excited to play with the Lego in the yard. We were making rocket ships and blasters as well.

Lastly, we enjoyed doing some Freeze Dance in the yard in the afternoon!

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