Happy Monday to all our Aqua Families, we hope you had a nice relaxing weekend at home.

Today has been a beautiful sunny day and the children explored the Aqua space.

To begin our morning, Edward, Henry and Oscar sat with one another and played with different vehicles. They chatted to each other about what car or truck they had and Edward told his friends he was going on holiday in his airplane. Inside, the girls did some lovely colouring for their Mummies.

Levi really enjoys sorting and is very good with the tongs. He had a lot of fun with the bottle lids, sorting by their colour or size. Some of the other children joined in as well.

We always love to partake in a lot of reading, which benefits friendship and language skills. At group time, the children read a lovely story about the Easter Bunny. They also picked out the first initial of their name from the alphabet.

It is all about Easter this week! During Learning Centre, the children scooped and poured rice into different sizes and coloured eggs. They really enjoyed this activity and sat for at least 20 minutes exploring.

Hamish made an egg while Levi, Ivaan and Arda made a bunny with Rosanna.

Cloud dough is a big hit especially with Oscar.

What a fun Monday!

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