Happy Tuesday everyone! The children had a fun filled day exploring and playing with their peers.

At group time, the children have been singing the alphabet. They are getting very good and can sing it right to the end. After we sang it, the children have the opportunity to find the initial of their own name. Lily, Adeline and Edward could find theirs on their own. The rest of the children needed some help from the teachers.

Today, Isla really enjoyed Mr. Potato Head. She gave him funny faces and a lovely hat. Some of the children sat and enjoyed Brekkie together when they arrived at BBC.

Block play was a big hit today! Henry used his fine motor skills and built a car from them.

Oscar, Harvey, Lily and Adeline asked Donna for wipes for their babies to wash their hands and make sure the virus wasn’t there. It is amazing to see the children aware that we must wash hands and stay safe. They are all such clever children.

Learning Centre was filled with a lot of fun Easter activities again today. Saige, Isla, Harvey, Hamish and Oscar really enjoyed the Easter rice boxes. They named colours and used fine motor skills to scoop and pour into different sized eggs.

Adeline, Edward, Ivaan and Lily glued the eggs on to the paper and used their counting skills to count how many eggs they had stuck on. Some of the children made a lovely Easter bag with bunny ears.

The afternoon was super fun as we visited the chickens in the Crimson yard and got to play there for a while.

What a great adventurous day we had at Aqua today.

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