Today, we got creative with sponges and paint! We cut out the sponges into an egg shape. We then drew some Easter baskets on our paper. Then we chose the colours we wanted to dip our sponges into and placed them into our baskets. We were all very proud of our final creations.

We also made some mosaic eggs today! We cut multiple pieces of recycled paper and added them into an egg shape. We were very excited to see our egg take form!

To get our energy out, we played Hide and Seek in the yard. We loved hiding behind the trees most of all! We also helped set up a new obstacle course in the yard!

On the deck, we liked playing with the Australian animals in the tray! We especially liked that we could get into the tray with the animals! The building magnets were very popular. We were very creative in the machines we were making.

In 59, we did some practicing of measuring. We were excited to use Arturo’s ruler and pointed out the different numbers we recognised. Then, we made boxes out of the lines we had drawn.

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