Welcome Back! We hope you all had a lovely long weekend together over our Easter break. The sun is shining today and the children have enjoyed talking about their Easter surprises the Bunny brought.

The children participated in yoga as they arrived at BBC with Alejandra.

At Learning Centre time, the children had several activities to choose from. With Donna, we practised our cutting skills as we drew pictures and cut them out. The children enjoyed getting creative with play dough with Tima. Little dinosaurs were added as Harvey loves them and shows a lot of interest in them. With Alejandra, the children continued to color little bunnies, as our Easter celebrations are still fresh!

The sand pit was a big hit today. All of the children explored with scooping and pouring the sand, as well as making cakes and just chatting with each other. Sand Play promotes physical development as the children scoop, pour, sift and clean up spills with the dustpan and brush which they love to do.

Arda and Ivaan continue to really enjoy the magnets and made rockets with them!

In the garden, Lily, Adeline, and Charlotte pretended they were fire fighters putting the fire out! They used the walking steps as their hoses. Harvey and the girls also pretended they were surfing! What clever children.

Happy Birthday to Henry who turned 2 last week! Thank you for sharing cupcakes to celebrate your birthday!

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