Happy Wednesday to all our Aqua families! It is another sunny day at BBC! The children are having so much fun playing outside. It is lovely to hear them laughing and giggling with one another.

The children played in the sand pit digging and used their imagination to make a lot of different things. Cakes are always a big hit, nothing like a sandy cake. 😊

Georgia and Isla sat together on the mat and worked together as a team. They made a car from the large blocks using their fine motor skills.

At the bottom of the garden, there was a tea party going on! Lily, Adeline, Charlotte, Saige, and Elise fed the animals.

Lily, Charlotte, and Adeline also helped with some gardening and raked the flower petals. The girls also had a story time together in the garden.

Learning Centre time was filled with playdough, painting, and physical activities. The children used their large muscles to push themselves around on the bikes. They threw the ball and called out each other’s names as they passed it.

Oscar and Levi tried pushing their balls down the balance beam then balanced on it themselves.

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