Today, Harvey, Isla and Adeline started their morning off with the tool kit. They used the large blocks and made a house for themselves. Harvey was practicing safety procedures and had his hard hat on. They worked very well as a team and enjoyed the play experience.

We added cars to the sandpit today as Charlie and Henry love to transport them around. They used the wooden track around the sand pit and pushed the trucks around. Edward also joined in and was super excited when he saw the track marks he made with the wheels of the digger. ‘’Look’’ he shouted.

Alejandra invited us to join in on her yoga class. Harvey and Georgia relaxed their bodies and mind in preparation for the day’s play and learning.

Isla enjoyed some quiet time to herself and tried matching the cards.

Charlotte drew some large circles on the paper on the easel.

Learning Centre was full of painting. Kavya, Adeline, Lily, and Charlotte enjoyed using water colors to make marks on the paper. We also talked about how using different sizes of the paint brushes caused different sized circles. Lily laughed as she made bubbles with the small circles on her paper.

We had a special visitor come from Nursery today! Henry, Lily’s little brother joined her for a tea party. It was lovely to see her caring for her brother so much.

Charlie enjoyed transporting his trucks in the wheelbarrow, while Charlotte picked some leaves from the garden trees.

It was such a fun day, climbing trees, sliding down the slide with Elmo, and making a bus for us all to go on holidays.

We will be learning about the letter A next week. Please bring in items that start with the letter A.

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