Thursday has arrived! Another warm day full of fun activities!

This morning the children enjoyed group times with their educators. Together they welcomed everyone, talked about the weather and read lots of stories. Everyone’s singing was fantastic today and we finished every song with a round of applause for being so great!

Yoga with Liza today was so much fun! We practiced all of our animal poses – our favourite this week is a pig! We lay on our backs and hold our feet in the air just like little piggies playing in the mud! Yoga is a great way to facilitate physical development and encourage better balance and coordination! Great job today little yogis!

Continuing with our Anzac themed arts and crafts, the children carried on painting glorious poppy fields and decorating bravery medals. We also played with play dough, practicing our chopping technique. Such a fun way to engage their fine motor skills.

The children love to play with bean bags! Today we colour matched them with our colourful mat and then tried to balance them on our heads and hide them around the garden! This is a lovely activity to encourage colour recognition and language!

The sand pit has been very popular today and lots of castles have been made! The children have also enjoyed the sea animals, trains, drawing on the easel and who could forget? … Dancing!

Thanks for another fun day! See you tomorrow 🙂



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