Today we had lovely day in the Aqua room!

After breakfast, a group of children relaxed doing Yoga with Alejandra. We loved getting on our tummies to stretch!

We had a lovely group time where we sang “Good Morning” to each other in different languages. It’s so important to share different cultures with our children!

For our Learning Centre experiences, the children continued engaging in activities revolving around Easter with Gail and Alejandra. They were invited to paint using cotton tips to facilitate their fine motor development. Other children made some bunnies as this is still very popular.

During free play, the children enjoyed being outdoors as they were practicing their balancing skills, playing with Lego, and digging in the sandpit. They also loved playing in the Home Corner.

Charlotte, Adeline, and Levi had fun on the slide. They love going down the slide! It is fun to see their anticipation build as they sit at the top and wait for their turn as they repeat after Tima, “Ready – set- go”.

We will be learning about the letter A next week. Please bring in items that start with the letter A.

Have a wonderful weekend, see you next week! 🙂

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    When Levi arrived at creche yesterday Charlotte and Adeline greeted him with a big “hello Levi” so cute! Nice to see them playing on the slides in these photos. Thank you


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