Today, we started our day with some lovely News Time! We shared photos from our activities at home! Billy was so excited to share about his new camping equipment. Freya was excited to show her picture of her Stickies.

During Learning Centre, we have begun learning about ANZAC Day. With Soni, we learnt about the importance of poppies. We then made our own that we hung up from the ceiling.

With Amanda, we talked about what ANZAC stands for at group time. We then talked about what it means to be a soldier. Oscar said “Soldiers are brave”, Eliza said, “Soldiers keep us safe”, Zoe said, “Soldiers exercise”, and Finn said, “Soldiers are strong.” Amanda then invited us to make our own soldiers!

Throughout the yard, we enjoyed building with Mobilo, playing on the equipment, and using our imaginations with the sea creature or bug table.

In the sandpit, we created a soldier training station where we had to crawl through the tyres! It was really tricky! Afterwards, we built a tent out of the tyres!

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