We have continued in our ANZAC Day celebrations today! With Soni, we made an ANZAC wreath by cutting out our hand outlines and painting a poppy to add to it. Come see it hanging outside of the Crimson room. Gail also set up a sensory tray with rosemary that we could smell the rosemary.

Amanda brought in the book “ANZAC Ted.” We liked learning about this special teddy bear and learnt how soldiers received medals for acts they did in the war. Amanda extended this interest by inviting us to create our own medals. We cut, pasted, and decorated each one. Then, we told Amanda what we had received the medal for! We added them to the hanging poppy display in the room!

Gail continued on with her essential workers theme. Today, we focused on firefighters and police people. We dressed up like firefighters and did a fire extinguisher painting! We also made some fire trucks crafts, as well as playing with some firefighter/police toys.

We had a lot to share throughout the day. Amariah brought in an ANZAC book called “We’re All Australians Now.” We liked looking at the pictures as we listened to the stories. Aidan brought in his mask to show his friends. Camille brought in the plant “Cat’s Tail” that she found on her way into school today. We liked feeling how soft it was! Connor brought in a balloon and drew a funny face on it!

We also had a lot of fun in the sandpit today! We made a submarine out of the tyres and engaged in dramatic play.

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