Wednesday is here! We are half way through the week and have had so much fun today participating in lots of activities and playing with our friends!

Of course we started our morning the usual way … with group time! The children love to sing and dance with Jasmine and read stories with Robyn. They always have so much fun! It’s a great time of the say to sit and start conversations to encourage speech and language development!

After group time the children know it’s time for yoga! They go and get the mats themselves and help set up the garden to move our bodies! Today we focused on being a tree, stretching our branches up high and to the side. We practiced our butterfly pose and dogs too!

Anzac Day craft continued today with a group painting! We painted a lovely big red poppy for our display. The children were also invited to paint a soldier with green paint to see what silhouette they left behind!

The children have loved being creative today! We did another group activity, gluing and sticking to decorate a big tractor for our farm display and we also have been enjoying drawing on the easel! Great for creativity and fine motor skills!

Today we played with the play dough and used pine cones to see what pattern they printed! We love playing with play dough for the sensory experience and development of motor skills!

Today has been jam packed and full of fun! The children have enjoyed reading, playing in the home corner, playing with dinosaurs and having fun together!

Thanks for a lovely day! See you tomorrow 🙂


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