Happy Friday everyone and welcome to a new month! It’s May … where has this year gone!?

We have had a lovely day today, playing with our friends and joining in with lots of fun activities.

This morning the children enjoyed their group times with different educators! Together, we read stories, sang songs and talked about the sudden change in weather! It’s chilly today – brrrr! Having these kinds of conversations with the children will promote understanding about the world around them 🙂

Yoga was lead by Cindy today and the children had a great time! We got our bodies moving with gross motor movements and animal poses! What a fun way to encourage physical development!

We have topped up Marshmallow’s food bowl with delicious food and given her some cuddles!

And today we have worked on our gross motor skills by balancing bean bags on our heads and practicing our throwing skills! The children have lots of fun with the bean bags and it also helps encourage language through discussing the different colours!

The children have enjoyed playing with our play dough, in the home corner and outside in the fresh air!

Thank you for a lovely week, have a great weekend! 🙂

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