We hope you all had a lovely day, because we sure did!

We started the day with Yoga. This helps us develop and strengthen our muscles. We become more confidant in this with each passing day!

Today, we did a great job representing the letter B today with our items from home. We had Lily, Henry, and Adeline bringing a bag, a bowl, and a butterfly respectively. Charlotte wanted to participate too and she showed a banana. Well done, guys!

When it comes to our Learning Centre activities, children had opportunities to develop their creativity, express themselves, and work on our small muscles through collage activities. We engaged our gross motor skills by using our big muscles as we were crawling, jumping, running, and kicking a ball into the goal.

During self select time, children are totally free to use everything they have learned in practice. Isla and Henry loved building towers. Lily, Adeline, and Charlotte were patting the babies. Arda, Ivaan, Luca, and Edward were taking turns with the cars. Beautiful sharing and socializing!!

We hope you have a nice weekend and here is our final thought for this week:

“Children are the world’s most valuable resources and its best hope for the future.”

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