We enjoyed our last day of Wheels Week! It has been so much fun to learn about road safety, riding our bikes and scooters along the track, and make licenses. Today, we made 3D stop lights to hang from the branches. We painted carboard boxes and then cut out the circles for the lights. We then used the appropriate paper to make the lights!

We also really liked drawing pictures today with Gail! We talked about the pictures we had made and what we liked about them.

It was fun today to put cards into sequence. We had to look at the pictures and identify the order that they go in. We did things like how a caterpillar became a butterfly or how to build a snowman.

We also continued working on our letter identification. We used the tongs to find the letters in our names. We then practised writing our names again.

We also have enjoyed our time doing puzzles, reading books, and playing sandpit.

We hope you have a nice weekend, see you next week!

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