Welcome to our first full week of May! It is getting cold now so please make sure the children have a jacket or warm jumper so we can put it on in the morning and evening.

Today the children started their morning off as usual with Alejandra on the mat, doing their yoga. The children are amazing at yoga now. They happily take their mat, sit down, and follow Alejandra’s directions well.

The children are really showing interest in the building corner these past few weeks. This morning Arda, Edward, Evan, Charlie, and Henry worked together as a team and made a school.  They manipulated the tools such as the hammer, saw and nuts in order to make it. They used their language to communicate with each on what they needed to do.

The kitchen is also a hit in Aqua. Donna could see a new friendship forming in the kitchen. Beatrice and Emmeline played together in the kitchen. It was nice to see them make eye contact with each other as they played a game. They made dinner for their teddys. They played so nicely together.

Outside, Nelson set up his physical activity for Learning Centre time. The children were encouraged to climb under, jump, and run throughout the obstacle course. They used large muscles to complete the course.

Some of the children went for a nature walk and to explore Crimson. They had a lot of fun on the Crimson bus and spoke about where the driver could take them.

‘’On holidays’’ said Charlotte.

‘’I want to go to the Zoo,’’ Lily said.

‘’I want to go home,’’ said Beatrice.

Arda the bus driver drove them to their designated areas!

What a fun day they had at BBC!

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