Happy Monday! Welcome back to another lovely week in Emerald room 🙂

The children have had a great day today, participating in lots of activities and playing so nicely together!

In our group time we sing a welcome song and talk about our weekends, the weather and the plans we have for the day! The children enjoy reading stories and singing songs together – what a fun way to enhance language skills and communication!

We love our routine in Emerald, and the children all know that after group time we do yoga! The children showed off their great listening skills and fantastic yoga poses. Yoga has so many benefits, but for this age group in particular, it’s a lovely way to promote physical development like; motor skills, balance and coordination!

A fun and sensory painting activity today – we painted on foil! The foil makes such a fun noise when you touch it, it really was an exciting way to involve different senses in play and crafts!

Autumn is here! It’s cold and the leaves are turning lovely shades of oranges, reds and browns! We went on a leaf hunt today … the children had so much fun collecting leaves! Maybe we can use these leaves for some arts and crafts this week…!?

The children have had a busy day exploring the indoor and outdoor environment! Today they have enjoyed the play dough and being little artists at the drawing easel!

What a lovely day! See you tomorrow 🙂


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