Tuesday is here! The children have had a wonderful day exploring and joining in with lots of fun activities!

Today during group time the children were able to use MeiTing’s interactive felt board to listen to stories and songs! Everyone loves to use the little felt animals and foods, especially to listen to ‘a very hungry caterpillar’!!

It was a bit chilly this morning, but we quickly got warmed up with a yoga session! The children practiced their gross motor movements to jump really high and show off their favourite animal poses!

We used our autumn leaves that we collected yesterday to glue and stick on the word ‘autumn’ for one of our displays! The children love using the paintbrushes to glue on the paper and carefully pick leaves one at a time to stick down!

We’ve been painting with a loofah today! A lovely pink loofah! The children were excited to paint with something different and so fun to touch! Today we made bee hives and they look fabulous!

But why stop there? Today the children also used a washing up brush to paint lovely autumn trees!

What a lovely day we’ve had dancing, playing with the musical instruments and outside in the yards!

See you tomorrow 🙂




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