It’s Wednesday and it’s pyjama day! We were so excited to see all the children in their pyjamas and to have a lovely and cosy day together!

We started our day with the usual group times! We gathered to welcome our friends to the day ahead of us. This gave us a perfect opportunity to talk about our pyjamas!! There are all kinds of lovely pyjamas today with fabulous animals on, like; dinosaurs, foxes, bunnies, bees, bears and penguins! This was a fantastic way to encourage speech and language, as well as build on vocabulary!

Yoga in our pyjamas was so comfortable! We were able to get into those animal poses with such ease! The children enjoyed their session wit Liza, working on their gross motor movements and animal poses – a great way to work on balance and coordination!

With all the construction going on in the car park, the children have shown an interest in diggers, trucks and building in the sand pit. Today they played in the sensory tray with bark, soil and diggers, trucks, and cement mixers! This small world play is great for imagination and fine motor skills.

We got to work painting paper a lovely brown colour with paintbrushes! When finished we will put all of these together to make a big autumn tree for the wall. Thanks for helping everyone!


Marshmallow loved her lettuce and broccoli stems today and we love feeding her and giving her lots of pats!

Today they children found their shadows! We had so much fun using our hands to make shapes on the floor!

We have also been playing with play dough and posting pompoms through egg cartons!

Everyone’s pyjamas are so cute and we’ve all had a lovely day 🙂 See you tomorrow!

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