Welcome back for another week in Aqua. All the children are very settled and love to explore all areas inside and outside.

Outside, the children have been exploring the leaves that are falling on the ground. They have been learning all about Autumn with Tima! They were sharing their knowledge about the colours of the leaves and how they have fallen from the trees. They even explained why the leaves fall!

Inside, the children participated in Yoga with Alejandra. Charlotte said, “Look this is my new pose.” Yoga helps the children get their mind and body ready for the day’s work.

Arda and Edward sat together for some quiet time. They enjoyed looking at the books and talking about the pictures.

At Learning Centre time, Henry brought a Dragon to share for the letter of the week. We also talked about how we can care for our animals with Donna. The children read some stories with her. They especially liked the one about the puppy. Then, the children helped with the cleaning Popcorn the fish’s bowl.

Playdough was a hit today. The children use fine motor skills to roll the dough. They manipulate different tools while exploring the dough.

Some children enjoyed Tima’s creative experience table. James, Emmeline and Charlotte painted leaves the colors of Autumn.

Arda, Ivaan, Edward and Oscar showed a keen interest in small and large cars. In order to enhance their play, Donna made a road out of the blocks for them to drive on. They just loved the road, the tunnels, and ramps!

We would like to wish Emmeline a big Happy 3rdBirthday. We hope she had a fun filled day.

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