We were excited to back on this sunny but chilly Monday! We welcomed back some familiar faces of Sanjanaa, Hazel, and Maddison today!

Amanda continued to extend our interest in transportation today. We started our group time with Amanda asking what are different ways we traveled from place to place. We had some great responses: Taxi (Billy), plane (Zoe), submarine (Keegan), car (Mia), helicopter (Oliver), cable car (Amariah), bus (Eliza), horse (James), and spaceship (Hazel). Then, we looked at different pictures of transportation modes and had played a sorting game. Some of chose to sort if it had wheels vs. no wheels, if it was quiet vs loud, or fast vs. slow. We showed we had great sorting skills!

Soni heard some of the children talking about shapes. She extended this interest in taking wooden pieces and forming them into different shapes. We focused mostly on squares today. We traced around the shapes we were making on the paper!

We also enjoyed doing some water colour painting, playing in the sandpit, and building throughout the day!

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