Although it was very chilly this morning, the children explored a lot outside! They love the garden where they can run and jump. Harvey really enjoyed running really fast in the garden.

Isla, Saige, and Issac enjoyed some time with the small vehicles in the sand. They pushed them around and enjoyed the pictures of the diggers and different building trucks. In the sandpit area, Henry and Edward had fun driving the large vehicles. Using their large and small muscles, they transported them around the pit.

Hamish had some down time and looked at books in the Story Area, while James explored the different dinosaurs. When Harvey finished stretching, he sat and made a car with the large blocks.

The letter of the week is ‘’D’’. Today, Donna brought herself to the front of the room as her name starts with ‘’D’’. Henry shared a dinosaur! Thank you to Henry’s parents for always sharing objects from home.

At Learning Centre time, the children explored the color “Yellow.” Some of the children used fine motor skills to glue pieces of yellow crepe paper.

Jake enjoyed some time with Donna exploring sensory play with rice. He loved the feel of it and then started putting the rice in the little white box. He laughed as he emptied it back out again.

Welcome back to our beautiful friend Alice, it was great to see your smiling face today!

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