Today, Soni continued on with extending the children’s interest in shapes. She has also noticed that several of our children have been building robots in the Block Corner. Soni combined the two interests and had them tracing square shapes, cutting them out, then gluing them to make a robot! We shared what our robot was thinking as well!

Amanda continued on with the transportation theme and encouraged some pre writing skills as well! We traced patterns, lines, and shapes of the aeroplanes, motorbikes, scooters, etc. with a dry erase marker. We focused on holding the marker with the proper grip as well as how many of these patterns looked like letters. We also continued on with our sorting games with the different types of vehicles.

Gail has helped us dive into the world of food and farming today! She brought in a scale so we could weigh our food at the store, as well as cutting out pictures of different animals that we would see at the far. We also had our sensory rice table set up with the farm animals.

We have been enjoying doing our News time! We love seeing our pictures being sent in so that we can talk about the things that are important to us at home or activities we are participating in outside of Crimson.

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