The children started their morning with Alejandra on the mat doing yoga. There was a larger group and they took directions well as they completed their poses. The children did the Dog pose by putting their hands down and bottoms in the air. Henry and Charlie especially like the butterfly pose! They put their feet together and say “Fly, fly” as they move their knees up and down.

We had a lovely amount of items brought in from home today to represent the letter of the week “D.” Henry brought a dog to share. Edward brought a book about “Dinoshapes”. Isla brought a duck.

Edward, Arda, James and Oscar enjoyed time together when they arrived at school looking at books in the Book Corner.  Adeline and Evan enjoyed reading in the garden.

Elise, Georgia, Isaac, and Saige enjoyed physical activities together. They used their large muscles to walk across the balance beam, balancing as they went, and climbing up the steps to slide down the slide.

Vehicles have been a big interest this past week! The children love transporting them around the sand pit as well as playing in the garage with the smaller cars. To promote the children’s interest, Donna set out an activity with small cars, paint, and some bubble wrap. Arda, James, Charlie, Lily, Charlotte, Henry and Levi E really enjoyed the activity! They used their hands to push the cars on the wrap. Arda laughed with surprise as he heard the bubbles pop. He then used his fingers to squeeze and pop some of them. All of the children then started using fingers to pop them. This activity promoted fine motor skills.

Alejandra focused on Autumn today. The children are drawing on leaves. They were excited to add these to our lovely display they have been working on.

Rosanna from Crimson came to join us for a while today! The children helped her make playdough. The children learnt about how to measure and mix ingredients together.

Happy Wednesday Aqua Family!!

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