We were excited to help Rosanna make new Playdough! We love watching the individual ingredients come together to make something we get to play with afterwards. Veronique asked to make the playdough pink with sparkles. We liked playing with it throughout the day!

In order to blend our love for dancing with our Transportation theme, we sang “Stop, Look, Listen” and “Around Australia” from the Bonkers Beat Music program. These are wonderful songs about road safety and different types of travel. We loved singing and doing on the corresponding dance moves!

With Gail, we continued on with making farm pictures by cutting out different animals and plants to paste onto another paper. We used textas to add additional details. We also were so excited to see a new sensory tray set up with green crepe paper for the grass and blue crepe paper for water. We then used the farm animals and the tractor to act out a farm scene.

Amanda introduced us to a train matching game. We matched the letters of a train to pictures that matched the corresponding sound. This was great to combine our interest in transportation while building our awareness in phonetic sounds.

We also were busy playing in the Home Corner, the sandpit, and around the yard!

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