Thursday has arrived and goodness me was it chilly this morning! We’ve been talking a lot about what clothes we can wear to keep up warm when we go outside!

Group time is a perfect opportunity to discuss things like this and changes in the weather and the seasons! Today we read lots of our favourite books, sang our favourite songs and welcomed all of our friends to their day in Emerald.

This morning we needed to do lots of jumping and stretching during our yoga session to warm up our bodies in this cold weather! We practiced our tree poses, along with the animal poses that the children enjoy so much. This is always such a fun way to start our day and enhance our physical development!

For our craft today, the children enjoyed exploring books to find squirrels – a popular topic this week! Today we looked into what squirrels like to eat and created some lovely acorn paintings!

In the garden, the children love to pick up leaves at this time of the year! Today we limbered up our fine motor skills with a fun activity where the children were encouraged to wind brown wool around cardboard leaves to create fun patterns! 🙂

Today the children have enjoyed the sand pit, feeding leaves to the dinosaurs, playing with the animals on the farm and building tracks for the trains.

Thanks for a lovely day! 🙂


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