Friday is here! We’ve had a lovely week here in Emerald and a fantastic Friday to top it off!

The children love their group times with their educators! Together they read stories, sing songs and talk about lots of different topics! This week we’ve been discussing the change in the weather and what clothes we can wear to keep warm!

And another way to keep warm … is to work on our physical development through activities like yoga! The children look forward to yoga in the mornings and join in with such excitement! Today we practiced our animal poses and stretched our bodies, focusing on gross motor movements!

We continued with the gross motor skills and worked on our forward rolls! The children had so much fun watching Robyn and then trying to copy her! Being upside down and rolling is such a fun sensation!

We love the hungry caterpillar! We always read the story and have lots of fun listening to the story and using MeiTing’s interactive felt board and felt food too! Today the children painted toilet rolls and stuck them together to make their very own caterpillars!

We’ve had a lot of fun today exploring outside and getting the band back together!

Thanks for a great week – have a lovely weekend! 🙂

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