Welcome back to another week in Aqua. This morning started off rainy, so the children spent a lot of time inside. They joined Alejandra on their yoga mats. They followed her directions very well and did different poses. Today, their favourite pose was the butterfly.

At group time, the children listened well. We talked about the weather and what kind of clothes we wear if it is raining. We also count how many days are in a week. The children sing the “Days of the Week” and we guessed what day it is. They also enjoyed the story about ‘’The Gingerbread Man.’’ When we finished our story, we sang ‘’Hickory Dickery Dock’’. We spoke about the numbers one to four.

After group time, the children joined Donna in making Playdough. We then used the gingerbread cutters. Lily really enjoyed making her gingerbread man.

With Nelson, the children continue to focus on their large muscles as well as their hand-eye coordination. They practiced kicking the ball into the goal, after they completed the obstacle course.

With Alejandra, the children are making a beautiful Autumn display! They have been colouring leaves, red, green, yellow and orange. They are making a big Autumn tree on the wall.

With Tima, the children are exploring shapes as well as colours. Oscar could name the shape and tell Tima the colours. Some of the other children just explored. Jake was so focused while matching the shapes on the board. Well Done Jake!!

What a fun filled Monday! Have a lovely evening!

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