Today the children started their day with some very familiar nursery rhymes. They love dancing time and love to get dressed up in the skirts and dresses. Dancing is a highly social and physical activity which can help improve social skills and enable them to communicate in a creative expressive way.

During our learning centre, the teachers prepared lots of fun activities for the children. As usual, we started with group time. Some of them had the chance to hear their favourite stories such as ‘The Very Cranky Bear’ and ‘Where is The Green Sheep’, whilst others enjoyed a music group time with Jasmine.

With Meiting, the children had fun pasting tissue paper on the balloon to make a caterpillar egg and with Liza they participated in painting their own bus.

Music is a universal language and an integral part of human society and culture. Oliver, Joey and Sophia are naturally curious and they enjoyed exploring the different sounds.

During our free time, Noah had a great time exploring our room, Isla loved feeding her teddy bear whilst others spent some quality time in the sand pit playing with diggers.

What a lovely day we had today!

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