It’s Wednesday! We’ve had such a lovely day together in Emerald!

During our group times, the children participated in singing songs and reading books with their educators. Together we talked about the weather, animals and welcomed our friends to the day! With Jasmine the children loved working on their fine motor skills by posting bottle tops into tissue boxes and with Cindy they played with a beautiful rainbow windmill and talked about the different colours they could see!

The children have enjoyed more group activites today! They played with the play dough together and they worked on arts and crafts together!

We love gluing and sticking in Emerald!! It’s so much fun painting the glue onto paper and then carefully sticking things on! Today we decorated a lovely autumn tree 🙂

Today in the sand pit, the children had a wonderful time scooping sand up with spades and pouring it into tubes!

We enjoyed patting babies to sleep and munching on food in the home corner!

Together we enhanced our gross motor skills through dancing! The children love to dance and we dance throughout the day. We get our bodies moving and practice our language through singing too 🙂

What a lovely day! See you tomorrow!

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