Welcome back to another fun day exploring in Aqua.

To start the morning off, some of the children sat with Donna in the garden to make “Dinosaur Soup.” Harvey especially loved this activity as he has a big interest in them. He took a bowl and using his fine motor skills he mixed leaves together and chopped them with his knife. He then took the Dino and gave him his food. “Now, eat’’ he said. Harvey then helped Edward to make soup for his Dinosaur also. Arda, Luca and Adeline joined in on the fun also. We then decided we would make prints with the Dinosaurs feet!

Isla explored the letter balls. She also used fine motor to manipulate the tongs to pick up the balls and put them in the dish.

James, Edward, and Arda made a zoo with the building blocks. When the zoo was ready, they put the animals inside. Luca, Adeline, and Charlotte also enjoyed time with the building blocks.

Jake enjoyed time on the slide first then the sandpit. He liked filling the plate and watching the sand as he poured it out. Alice also had fun manipulating sand toys.

Dominic, Hamish, and Leo transported different vehicles around the sandpit area. Hamish had fun making the sound of the fire engine.

All of the children joined Nelson in physical activities in the garden. They used their large muscles to crawl like a spider. When they reached the end, they kicked the ball into the goal.

When the rain came, we went inside and had fun reading books.

Happy Thursday Aqua Families!!!

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