Happy Friday everyone!

Today, we started our cold day by engaging ourselves in indoor self-selected activities. Isla, Elise and Georgia enjoyed dancing together while Arda read books with his friends. Adeline showed off her creativity skills by making beautiful drawings with textas.

In our group time, we sang Good Morning songs and read the book, “The Very Cranky Bear.” Also, for the letter of the week, Hamish shared his “Earmuffs” and Isla discussed her “Elephant” with their friends. This group time allows children to learn new vocabulary and improve on their concentration skills. Similarly, sharing children’s stories and ideas promotes their sense of belonging, self-esteem, and confidence.

During Learning Centre, our creative children decorated an outline of a dinosaur foot. Then, they cut them out and wrapped them around their feet so they could walk and stomp!  Lily, Georgia and Alice enjoyed stomping like a big dinosaur.

“I am a big Dino, and I can stomp really hard!” exclaimed Lily.

“STOMP! STOMP!”Georgia demonstrated too.

Kavya, Henry and other friends indulged themselves in preparing the mini dinosaur cupcakes. They manipulated the playdough into different shapes and also made dinosaur eggs.

These learning experiences scaffolds children existing knowledge about dinosaurs whereas playdough enhances the cognitive and fine motor skills of children.

Some of our friends enjoyed constructing with the diggers, cars, and blocks. Dominic and Leo expressed their good social skills by sharing and turn taking. Furthermore, all the children enjoyed their time in self-selected activities. Some of our friends enjoyed the graininess of sandpit whilst the police boysgathered to chase the cheeky ones. The self-selected activities help children to develop their sense of agency and self-identity. Moreover, language and social skills are also enhanced.

Everybody had an energetic and joyful day! Have a great weekend 😊

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