Due to being such a chilly day outside, we spent a lot of time inside!

Soni continued working on extending our understanding of shapes. We made birds today using circles, ovals, and triangles added into one picture! This activity has built our confidence in being able to draw new pictures by breaking it down into smaller shapes.

Gail really stimulated our sense of smell as we added onion to our food prints today with the paint. Most of us said that the onion smell was a funny one! We have really been loving the sensory aspect of these craft activities! It also helps us to continue to grow in our knowledge of vegetables.

Dominoes was incredibly popular again! We took turns building different sections of our creation. This activity is all about team work. It also builds some resilience as we had our creations break several times and had to start over again!

In order to build on sense of touch, Amanda talked to us about textures. We enjoyed reading a book that we touched the animals and had to describe how they felt.

Arturo had us working on our number skills today using the big orange circles! We showed that we could put them in sequential order! We also were engaged in puzzles, Playdough, and reading books!

We did have some time in the yard today! We picked up leaves to make an Autumn themed picture, as well as enjoyed some time climbing in the tree and the play equipment!

Have a nice weekend, see you next week!


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