It’s Friday again! We’ve had a fantastic Friday, full of adventures and fun!

The children enjoyed group time with their educators! Together they read stories, sang songs and played games. The children have been reading ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ over the past few weeks and have been excited to participate in lots of caterpillar themed activities! Today they loved feeding pompoms to their caterpillars that they made!

Yoga this morning was loads of fun! The children all did such a fabulous job showing off their animal poses and amazing listening skills as they followed Robyn through their yoga session! We love our daily dose of yoga as it gets our bodies warmed up in the cold weather and promotes physical development!

But somehow … Robyn always ends up getting squashed!


The children enjoyed the sensory paint bags and leaf cut outs today. They used their fingers to push the paint around in the bags and create different patterns. This was a fun and different way to explore paint!

Marshmallow was in for a treat today! The children had some delicious, green lettuce to feed her! The children love to care for Marshmallow! Today we fed her up with lettuce and filled up her water bottle … and don’t forget all those cuddles she gets too!

Today the children have enjoyed playing with the play dough, building towers and exploring the yard! Now we have a lovely new roof, we can play outside even when it rains!

Have a great weekend! 🙂


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