It’s Monday! Welcome back to the start of a brand-new week! We have all kinds of activities planned and lots of fun to be had!

This morning the children enjoyed participating in group time! We love group time in Emerald room and will have many group times throughout the day. Today we have been reading books, singing songs, talking about the weather and playing games!

It’s been another chilly day today … and what better way to get warmed up than … yoga!! The children are always excited to collect a mat and sit down to take off their shoes! Today we worked on our tree poses and pretended to be slithering snakes on the floor! Yoga is always a fun and energetic way to promote physical development, balance and coordination. Great job everyone!

Today the children made play dough with MeiTing! But not just any play dough … this play dough was green and red, just like the very hungry caterpillar!! Together the children mixed the ingredients needed for play dough and then had a great time using their fine motor skills to roll, poke and squeeze the dough! What fun 🙂

The children have become increasingly interested in the building work in the car park and love to watch the ‘diggers’! Today we added water to make the sand wet and more fun for digging and building castles! The children loved using the diggers in the sand, just like in the car park! We even buried Robyn’s feet!

The children have had a wonderful time today, eating ‘lunch’ in the home corner, playing with the play dough and balancing bean bags on their heads!

Thank you for a lovely start to the week! See you tomorrow 🙂


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