We continued on with learning about rockets today. We read a book “How to Catch a Star” and then talked about different shapes that the rocket is made up of. We then were invited to draw those different shapes on the white board. Some of us then made rockets with specific shaped windows, while others continued working on their name rocket.

In 59, we were particularly excited by the connectors this morning. Billy and Hazel put all the pieces together and it wrapped around the whole room! We also have been very creative with our little Lego creations and loved playing Frozen Statues today!

We have been expressing interest in dinosaurs lately. We made some dinosaurs out of Playdough (after we helped to make a fresh batch). Then Rosanna extended this interest and we made dinosaur paintings using foot prints.

We also made some pasta necklaces, played with the shopping, and loved reading books. We also continued working on our number printing skills!


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