Tuesday is here and we’ve had a very busy day with lots of fun activities!

This morning the children enjoyed group time with their educators! We’ve been focusing on the Very Hungry Caterpillar and the children always love to read the story! Together we sang our favourite nursery rhymes and talked about the weather! It was a rainy day today!

Now with our new roof, we can do yoga even in the rain! The children were excited to participate in yoga today! They listened and followed along for a long time and had so much fun moving their bodies this morning! We practiced our animal poses and worked on our gross motor movements! Well done everyone!

To continue with our Hungry Caterpillar project, today the children made a lovely collage of a green and red caterpillar! They used their fine motor skills to glue and stick down the coloured paper!

On a rainy day … we painted a rainy day! The children loved using a spiky brush to dab, dab, dab the blue paint on the paper with an umbrella shape underneath! When the children had finished, we removed the umbrella to see our beautiful artwork!

We’ve been so creative today! One of our favourite books is the Cranky Bear and today the children did a fantastic job at painting him brown! The children also did a very good impression of a bear. They love to “roar” along with the story!

The children have had a lovely day! We played in the sand pit with the animals, built tall towers with the blocks and had a great time pushing trains along a track!

See you tomorrow! 🙂


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