The children had a super fun day exploring! The rice boxes were a big hit. Leonardo had fun scooping with the small truck and pouring it into the back of another. Elise and Georgia also enjoyed scooping and pouring.

Charlie and Henry are such close friends and enjoy spending lots of time together. They built a large tower and laughed with each other as they fell to the ground.

Levi, Edward and Arda had fun using their large muscles to push themselves around on the bikes.

Saige, Elise and Georgia had some quiet time and explored the books together on the couch. It is great to see a friendship forming between these three girls.

During Learning Centre, the children had fun with some sensory play. They used bowls and spoons to scoop!

With Helena, the children were very creative and made some beans! They used their fine motor skills and put glue on the bean and then added the green color. This was a great extension of yesterday.

Also, the children worked on their cutting skills. They are learning to use their hand eye coordination as well as developing stronger fine motor skills.

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