We continued on with learning about rockets today in 59. We made our own rockets and then decorated them. Next, we talked about how they blast off the launch pad. We then had a rocket themed science experiment. We had a balloon that was on a straw threaded onto a string. We took turns placing our rockets on the balloon and would have different amounts of air blown into it by Amanda only (to ensure no germs were being spread) to see how far and fast it would go!

We continued acting out our “Three Little Pigs” story with Arturo. Today, we were the little pigs who had to search for sticks in the yard to make our home! We were very surprised to find some many large sticks in the yard! We have loved making this story come alive!

We had some spontaneous fun in the sandpit! We asked if we could make a waterfall! We used an old bag to create a path for the waterfall and used the spout to source our water! We had to dig a trench first and work as a team to get it accomplished!

We had several sensory tables and games on the deck today to get involved with! The buried treasure tray was very popular as was the “Monkeys In The Tree” game!

We looked at pictures today of items and had to count them. We then had to find the matching number!

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