Happy Friday Aqua Family! The children spent some time out in the garden before the rain came. We even did our Yoga outside! They are so good at taking directions and copying the poses. Well done Aqua children!!

When the rain came, we went inside and explored different areas.

Some of the children explored the Dinosaur table. They used sounds to make the noise ‘’Rrrrrrrrrrr’’ as they moved them around the space. They also enjoyed feeding them lunch with the grass from the garden. Poppy really enjoyed this experience!

Edward explored the space rocket. Joshan explored small blocks, using his fine motor skills he built a house. Leo connected the blocks and made a snake. Evelyn and Jack, our new friends, have settled so well! They continue to make connections with the teachers in the Aqua room. Evelyn made a beautiful garden and Jack made a playground with a slide.

Our letter of the week is ‘’F.’’ Isla was super excited to share her flag! She waved it around with a big smile. Henry shared two frogs. He also was laughing as his frogs made some sounds.

Liza and Donna have started a project to remind the children the importance of washing hands and keeping our bodies healthy. With Liza, the children placed paper (which was the germ) in water and then they put their finger inside it. They found the germ stuck to their finger. Then, they stuck their finger into the soap dish. Once they put their finger back into the water, the paper came off. The children could visually see that putting soap on our hands and washing is very important to get rid of the germ.

With Donna, the children experimented with some bread! The children touched the bread and then placed it in a sandwich bag. The children will look again next week at the bread to see how it looks after we have all added our “germs” to it. After all the experiments, we went and washed our hands!

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