Friday is here again and we are at the end of another month! Where has this year gone!?

The children kicked off their day with group time with their educators! We read books and sang songs and the children all listened and participated fantastically! The children have really been enjoying the book ‘Owl Babies’ during group time and always ask to read it together.

Yoga was lots of fun, as always, and the children were great at helping pack the mats away after their session! Today, the children really wanted to show off their jumping and tree poses. What a fun way to engage our big, gross motor movements!

Because the children have been enjoying ‘Owl Babies’ … today we practiced our fine motor skills by playing with a bird house! The children were invited to push coloured pompoms through the small hole on the bird house and put the baby birds back in their nest!

Things got messy with the shaving foam this afternoon! We used the shaving foam in the big sensory tray to draw pictures in … and naturally we got carried away! Shaving foam is so much fun to play with! This type of sensory play is great for fine motor skills and cognitive development!

And the children all helped to clean up when we had finished!

This Friday has been lovely! We’ve built tall towers with wooden blocks and used coloured pens to create beautiful drawings!

Have a fabulous weekend and we’ll see you in June! 🙂

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