In 59, we began learning about the moon. We talked about how there are craters on the moon that are caused by rocks hitting it from space. To extend our understanding of this concept, Amanda invited us to make a moon! After we mixed up the ingredients, we used marbles to act as the rocks coming from space. We were really excited to watch our rocks cause craters in the moon. We also were talking about the different phases of the moon. We were invited to draw one stage or multiple stages of the moon.

We switched up our gross motor games today! Instead of jumping over the logs, we jumped from circle to circle. We switched from jumping on one foot to two. This is a great way to increase our fast twitch muscles as we move from space to space.

With Gail, we were talking about the Earth and its inner core. We drew and cut out different layers of the Earth. We drew ourselves on the outer layer because that’s where we lived. We also did some fun activities such as the flowering and gardening trays because we need to take care of the planet we live on!

Soni continued on with her numeracy activities, this time doing matching. The repetition and variety in activities has helped us to feel more confident in our number awareness.

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