Today, some of the children started their morning off with Donna reading a story that Adeline brought to share. The book was called ‘’Be Brave Little Penguin’’. The story was all about a little penguin called Pip-Pip and he was afraid to swim. His Mum encourages him to come to the water and eventually he is so brave he jumps in and finds out he loves water. Lily, Adeline, Charlotte, Edward, and Shona were so engrossed and really enjoyed the story.

Isabelle enjoyed some time by herself in the book area looking through books. Books have amazing benefits for the children. It helps them get to know words and language as well as develop early literacy skills.

To help some children who are not yet talking, we have started to learn sign language with the children. This week we are learning 3 signs, ‘’Hello”, “Please”, and “Thanks.” The children look at the sign then model the teacher as they make the sign with their hand. There are many benefits of learning to sign. It helps develop gross and fine motor skills, as well as being focused learning which helps develop self-esteem. Well done Aqua Group!!

Learning Centre was full of interesting activities. With Alejandra, the children are learning colours in Spanish language. Today, they learnt Blue and Yellow.  They repeated the words after her.

With Helena, they set up a fire truck due to Charlie and Henry interest in a fire truck story. They explored equipment firemen used and then they all hopped on board the truck to go put a fire out.

With Donna, the children did some threading. They used their small muscles  to control the pasta and place it on their pipe cleaner.

With Liza, the children have been enjoying a book about Scruffy, the monster who hurts his friends and makes them sad. The children had the opportunity to talk about and pick the emotion they think his friends were feeling.

The children even got to see the garbage truck outside the fence. They love to watch as the arm lifts the dirt to put it in the truck.

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