Today, we were excited to make Winter pictures with Rosanna. We talked about how the weather changes during the Winter time, needing to wear warmer clothes, and fun activities that we do during the cold! We then created our own Winter scenes.

We continued talking about our world and its atmosphere with Gail today. We have been loving making pictures with the core. Gail also had some new space books that we could lift the flaps to look at more pictures! We had fun playing with the rocket set up as well!

Arturo and some of the children got busy in 59 making a life sized rocket today! We made pictures and gadgets out of paper to be the instruments. We have had great fun using our imaginations to go to space!

We also enjoyed being outside on this sunny day. We loved playing games, being in the sandpit, and enjoying a variety of table activities!

Happy 5th birthday to Matilda! We hope you had a wonderful day!

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