Welcome to Ava, who has enjoyed her first day in Crimson. She has really enjoyed exploring her new room and making new friends!

It was a very chilly morning so we started the day enjoying some table activities such as the puzzles and soccer table! We loved seeing the PJ Mask car toy set up on the mat. We showed great turn taking as we took turns.

In the yard, we had several arts and crafts set up today! We loved painting a few pictures! We also had a table covered in black paper that we used the chalk on to create a night’s sky. We were excited to see the colours pop on the paper! Stars with the letters of the alphabet were also set up so that we could spell our names!

The Crimson restaurant and kitchen was also very popular in the yard today! Our specialty was pizza and broccoli.

With Gail, we continued making our Earth’s core! We showed our patience as we cut out the circles and decorated the different layers. The gardening sensory table was busy as we filled the pots with sand and planted our flowers!

In 59, we liked playing in the big rocket ship! We also made smaller ones that we liked playing with outside!

We hope you have a lovely long weekend! See you next week!

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