Crimson has blasted off into our Space project! We were making suns with Gail using paint and forks! We learnt about how the sun is made up of gas!

With Sony, we were excited to create our own rocket ships. We loved seeing them up on the wall in the room!

Amanda was teaching us about how a star is created. We drew pictures of the different stages! We also had a chance to build our name out of star letters and play in the rocket ship!

We enjoyed playing some gross motor games using the ladder on the ground. We liked trying different types of hopping as we went through them. Engaging in dramatic play with the kitchen was also fun!

We liked building with the magnet tiles. It’s a great way to explore our own creative ideas as we make our own creations.

We also continued to talk about the different terrains that Earth has we played with the felt boards and put the appropriate animals in them. We took turns drawing the Earth’s corner on the white board.

Puzzles, books, and playing in the sandpit were other favourites today!

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