Isaac and Leo started the morning making breakfast for each other. Isaac made a cup of coffee for Leo. ‘’Thanks Zac’’ Leo said.

At group time with Donna, the children have been learning all about sign language.

They learnt how to sign ‘’Hello’’, ‘’Goodbye’’, ‘’Please’’ and ‘’Thank you’’. They model Donna when she makes the sign and are starting to be able to do the sign without any help.

At Helena’s group, some of the children stood up to share what they brought beginning with letter ‘’H’’. Henry brought a hammer. Thank you for sharing.

The children also played the game “Farmer in the Dell.” Some of the children sang songs with Donna using their language skills to complete the song. Tiny Tim was a favorite.

With Liza, the children continue to learn about their emotions and how to control them.

Tima’s group were learning all about the colour blue. They used peg paintbrushes and painted on the paper.

Donna’s group used cognitive skills to complete the puzzles.

With Rosanna, the children went on a nature hunt and found leaves and made a collage with them.

Once the rain stopped, the boys enjoyed construction play outside! They manipulated the building machines to pick up sand and blocks and move it around the sandpit.

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