We had some lovely things to share at News Time today! Eleanor showed pictures of her as a baby, Amariah showed photos from her trip to the Botanical Gardens, Harvey showed pictures from his trip, Rueben bought a pop up dinosaur book, and Billy brought in a “Where’s Wally” book.

Music and dancing was a theme today! We liked having a dance party in 59 and danced as we played the instruments in the Crimson room. We also had some beautiful painting with Rosanna this morning.

Our space adventures continued during Learning Centre. Sony was teaching us about astronauts today. We drew our own and then added ourselves onto the space wall. With Gail, we read a lovely book about the sun. We were excited to see the gold material with Gail so that could make some bright suns! Amanda continued talking about the stars. We did a numeracy activity using paint to make our stars on the black sky!

We also enjoyed drawing on the white board. In 59, we were drawing the stages of a star. On the Crimson deck, we had fun drawing different scenes from Earth. We loved the magnets tiles again today as well as using the sand tray that had different planets on it.

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