Today, Charlie and Harvey joined Alejandra on the mat to relax their bodies and mind. They are using their cognitive skills to remember the pose that Alejandra is asking them to do. There are many benefits of yoga for children. Physically, it enhances their flexibility, strength, coordination and body awareness. Their concentration and sense of calmness and relaxation also improves. Lastly, it helps to improve their breathing techniques.

Adeline and Leo enjoyed each other’s company on the mat. They chose books from the shelf and spent time looking at the pictures and talking about what they could see. Leo really was using his listening skills while Adeline told him a story.

At group time, the children enjoyed singing time with Helena. She used puppets to ask the children what animals they were and for them to make the sound.

With Tima, the children read some stories about Peppa Pig and Winter. Afterwards, the children were invited to do a winter collage using fine motor skills.

Alejandra’s group enjoyed a new pop-up book about dinosaurs. They were encouraged to draw their own dinos.

Books were a big hit today! There is many benefits of reading with the children. It helps them learn sounds, words and language.

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