The children started their morning of with yoga. Henry, Georgia, Elise, and Poppy joined in and enjoyed doing the poses.

With Nelson, the children did a physical activity. Today, the children were using their hand eye coordination skills. They were invited to stand on the mat and throw the ball into the basket. The children really enjoyed this activity.

At group time, Henry shared a hat for letter ‘’H’’. He even modeled it for us today, by placing it on his head. Thanks Henry for always sharing.

With Donna, a large group joined her and Alejandra on the mat to welcome Bonkers to Aqua today. Bonkers the Monkey came to talk to us about safety of the road. He explained to us that we must ‘’Stop’’, ‘’Look’,’ and ‘’Listen’’ before crossing the road. At the end, we danced to the Bonkers song ‘’Stop, Look and Listen’’. We also got to give Bonkers a cuddle and play on his drum.

With Liza they continue to discuss emotions. They choose the sad or happy emotion that matches the feelings on the board.

Happy Friday, have a lovely weekend!


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